Time, cost and quality are the three crucial ingredients for a successful project.

We manage all of these together without compromising on any ingredient and we’re proficient and experienced.

We are experts at handling complex works with international elements, such as clients or suppliers overseas. We can deftly handle paperwork requirements for our clients, such contracts and legal agreements. And we relish the challenges of bespoke design and luxury finishes.

Moreover, we reveal what our clients REALLY need to know about making their construction project or property refurbishment a complete success. We will be your guides to answer these critical questions:

What will it cost?

How long will it take?

How will it be managed?

How will we be kept informed?

Time Management

We are expert project managers and will prepare a robust schedule for the works you want to undertake.

You can expect:

  • Preparation of a Project Execution Plan
  • Monitoring and reporting against PEP
  • Advice and selection of specialist consultants and design services
  • Management of consultants and task list
  • Selection of form of contract JCT FMB
  • Contract administration

Money Management

We are very experienced in managing budgets and we are not shy about helping you make sure you keep to yours. We will talk honestly and listen to what you absolutely must achieve, versus your ‘nice-to-haves’.  Overall, we communicate openly about costs so there are no nasty suprises at the end of a project.

You can expect:

  • Preparation of ‘Project Cost Plan’
  • Preparation of pricing document for tendering
  • Monitoring and reporting costs against ‘Project Cost Plan’



At Barker Russu we believe it is essential that at all times the design and construction team expresses the level of quality required, so that this is passed onto the contractors and craftsmen applying the finish.

This is what makes the work we achieve the desired quality.


The journey of a new build or refurbishment project

Generally construction works follow a process of planning through to completion, and at each stage we will need information and decisions from you, the client!

Therefore it’s good to understand the usual path from a development idea, through to a signed off and completed build and what you can expect from us, and what your input may be.


We can help you to obtain all the necesary permissions to commence your project. We will walk through your design ideas with your preferred architects so we have a full understanding of your vision, and we can navigate planning deftly, taking care of requirements such as Party Wall Agreements.


  • Design and consents
  • Planning
  • Party Wall awards
  • Procurement
  • Main Contract


As project managers we will be your on-site contact during all building works. Our aim is to make sure all works run as smoothly as possible.

We work with our own team of skilled tradesmen and/or with your selected contractors. We monitor works progress and are on-call to answer any questions.

We go over and above to help you source the materials and furnishings you desire. We will enable the supply and delivery on-schedule from local through to international suppliers and we monitor the quality of deliveries to make sure your project has no corners cut.


  • Construction Programme
  • Start on site
  • Enabling works
  • Strip out and demolition
  • Structural alterations
  • Internal fit-out works
  • External works

Project Controls

Our goal is make sure your building project is completed successfully on time and to budget. This is where the ‘behind the scenes’ planning documents come into their own. As professional project managers, we need project controls to keep tabs on our progess.


  • Programmes are essential project documents, but their use is limited unless they are regularly monitored and where appropriate updated to show the true timescale. Only then can you have a realistic overview of the progress of your project as a ‘snap shot’ in time. This is where we excel at Barker Russu, knowing that it is better as the client to be informed of progress, so we ensure our project documentation is regularly reviewed.

Project Management & Reporting

You, as client, can be assured with accurate updates of how your project is going, and each person is likely to have a different idea of how often and how much they need to know. At your request then we keep you informed of progress, potential delays or problems as construction continues.

Any person who has undertaken a refurbishment, a new build, or anything in between, will appreciate how unforeseen issues can arise. These hiccups may be as simple as a delay to a supplier delivery or as complex a party wall dispute. In either case,  we are adept at adjusting our critical path, finding solutions and implementing a new plan in order to meet our completion dates.


  • Reporting can be done in a number of ways to best serve the project and communicate to the stakeholders.
  • Critical Path Analysis is vital for accurate reporting. The critical path or paths may change throughout the course of the project and these changes need to be identified as early as possible to achieve the earliest completion date.

Ready to know more?

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